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9 Micro-Habits that Prevent Burnout

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Simple Swap: Noodles for Zoodles

Looking for a healthy food swap for noodles? One of my favorite pasta swaps is switching them out for some zoodles. If you’ve ever perused my Instagram feed or stories, then you’ve definitely seen my love for Zoodles. From ones I make at home, to those I swap in at restaurants, to packaged ones at

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Detox Salad

Try this liver-supporting, nutrient-rich salad that everyone will enjoy. It checks off 3 of your Daily 9 healthy habits in one simple recipe.

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Zoodles with Quinoa & Poached Egg

You may have seen my love for zoodles, aka zucchini noodles, in my other posts, as they’re an excellent healthy food swap for pasta. But how about using them as a way to get more veggies into your breakfast? Enter this recipe.

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Mindful Eating: How to Lose Weight by Slowing Down

Eating is the most stressful thing that we to do our bodies every day. The actual act of eating is second nature to us, and something that most people don’t think twice about. Like breathing. Yet how most of us are eating is linked to digestion issues, weight gain and more. Experts refer to the